Custom-Romania applies the international regulations of Convention for the Customs Facilities for Tourist Traffic. Highly valuable goodwill and foreign currency (over the value of $ 1,000 per person) must be declared when entering the country. Endorsed customs declarations must be kept as they are required when leaving the country. It is forbidden to import, unless with a special license, lei (the Romanian currency), ammunition, explosives, narcotics, pornographic material. It is forbidden to export items of cultural, historic or artistic value. 
Taxi-State and private taxis are equipped with metres. As with many things in Romania prices are more than reasonable but you should not ever get in a cab which doesn’t have the name of the company on the top of the car; they will cheat you.
Public transportation-Romania has an efficient public transport system, which operates from 5.30 a.m. to midnight. Tickets can be bought at RAT Bv kiosks but they close at 7:00pm. If you are caught without a ticket you will be fined and expected to pay on the spot.
Currency exchange-Foreign currency can only be exchanged at banks and authorized exchange offices. As rates can vary from one place to another it is wise to shop around. Do not exchange currency from dealers in the street. No matter how good the rate they offer is, they will find a way to cheat you.
Tipping-Normally a small tip for good services is appreciated but it is at discretion of the client. Do not pay more than 5% off your bill.
Clothing-Apart from normal seasonal clothes, it is always advisable to pack a warm pullover, a raincoat and mountain walking shoes. Very warm clothing is recommended in winter.
Cats and dogs-Anti-rabbics vaccination certificates are required for cats and dogs. Beware of stray dogs. They usually form packs and become agressive if they are provoked. If you get bit, go to the nearest hospital for anti-rabbic vaccination. 
Electricity-220 volts and 50 Hz. 2 prong plug.
Thieves-Romania is considered a safe country in European terms, but we wouldn’t advice you to take walks at nights in parks or peripherical areas. Always keep your bags and purse in front of you, especially when in buses and be careful when you are surrounded by many persons. The pocket thieves are agile. In case of emergency call the Police.
Direct dial telephone-On direct dial telephones dial 0 then the city area code for internal calls or 00 followed by the country and city code for international calls. For long distance calls to Romania: for Brasov dial 40 then 68 and the phone number.
Special service numbers-For special services numbers of 3 figures are used: 971 – international calls 931 – directory inquiries 955 – police 951 – general information 961 – ambulance/emergencies 981 – fire 958 – time 952 – trains’ time
Romanian drinks-A journey to Romania offers you the possibility of tasting the specific traditional food, which is of course, the Romanian plate: ham, spiced cottage cheese, onion, sausages, bacon, mosaic salame. As wine goes well with food, you can try the white and red Romanian wines of the famous vineyards of Murfatlar, Cotnari, Jidvei, Dealu Mare, Odobesti and Valea Calugareasca because they are excellent. And don’t forget to ask the waiters to serve you with the famous Romanian “tzuica”.
Mineral water-Romania has a wide range of mineral waters to offer. Our advise is to go for: Borsec, Biborteni and Dorna and avoid to order Bonaqua and Izvorul Minunilor.
Money-The national currency is the LEU (plural LEI). Coins come with denominations of 100, 500 and 1000 lei. Notes in denominations of 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 50.000, 100.000 and 500 000 lei. Major credit and charge cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted only in few hotels and restaurants. To buy something in a shop ask first if they accept credit cards.
Beggars-Don’t get sentimental when gipsy children or women ask you for money. They are thieves. If you have spare money give it to the young singers who perform on the street. Usually they are students with no money to return to their home cities

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